ptc sites
ptc sites

What Are PTC Sites And How They Work?

PTC (Paid to click) pages, or the ptc sites also called Bux pages, are very popular like the Paidmailer. Incidentally, the word Bux comes from the English word buck, which is colloquially for a dollar. The name already reveals what this is all about: the members of such Bux sites get money for the click – and that is the click on advertising. Anyone who signs up with a PTC provider finds in the logged-in state in his member’s area numerous advertisements, banners, links, etc. which he must click and leave open for a certain time. When the time is up, the click is registered and paid. However, with more than a cent per click you should not expect, it is usually rather less. Also, most vendors do not allow multiple windows to open at the same time to save time. Each clicked and should actually be viewed; This increases the conversion rate for the advertisers and makes things more interesting for them. Of course, you can figure out in one hand how much money you earn in this way – it is hardly worth mentioning. However, there is the opportunity to significantly increase his merit by recruiting new members. But more on that later.

In German-speaking countries, there are only two providers that really worth mentioning. Both are serious and have been there for so long that they can be described as established.

ClixSense has been around since 2007, and since then, the vendor has proven to be reliable and reputable. The earned credit is always paid out and there are opportunities for the members to increase their earnings appropriately. Because not only by clicking on advertising can you earn money with ClixSense, but also by completing simple tasks in the online area such as the participation in short surveys. With a bit of luck, you can also make money by joining ClixGrid, the game for members, where everyone has 25 attempts a day, premium members even more. Also by advertising friends, you can earn extra money. Overall, nothing negative can be said about this provider – it’s worth registering.

NeoBux is a comparable provider to ClixSense. Again, you can earn money by clicking on advertising and increase the earnings by recruiting new members. Anyone who purchases a premium membership gets even more money for his clicks and his refs. The disadvantage of this provider, however, is that you have to be constantly active to earn something. Referred Refs who are no longer active will not earn any income, and you should not be inactive for a long time.

Increase The Earnings

With scarcely any merit by clicking on advertising alone, one should take advantage of the various other possibilities of earning money from PTC services. Above all, through the recruitment of new members, one can increase his merit considerably, because one earns in the profits of the recruited users permanently. If you have your own website, you can advertise it to the provider and hope that many of his readers will sign up via his Ref-link there. In addition, there is also the possibility to buy or rent Refs. Although this is initially associated with an investment, this usually brings you back in time with the time and even makes profits. Nevertheless, you should be careful, as you are never completely safe from losses when investing.


One does not get rich with PTC, but who exhausted all given possibilities, can earn a nice additional income. The time required for this is limited. It is important that you inform yourself in advance about the various providers and only logs on to the established and reputable. With new offerers caution is to be advised, finally one never knows whether they can really keep themselves on the market and not disappear after a while together with their already earned money again in the sinking.

How to Unblock Websites with Global VPN

How to Unblock Websites With Global VPN VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that is an option that has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. VPN service providers provide an alternative personal network connection for different company offices around the world. In fact,
VPN is a private network established with public access to the Internet. It uses different security measures and encrypted public networks. This in turn helps to maintain the confidentiality of the organization and maintain the privacy of the information. This is one of the reasons VPN is also known as Internet VPN. It can be effectively used to unlock any website such as Facebook,
YouTube, SKYPE, etc. The VPN even led to different companies, getting servers connected to the office from the office than anywhere else. Now you have to be curious and want to know how to VPN? It is a point-to-point point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) window of the VPN server that allows Windows or Mac users to log in to the Power Wizard server, regardless of which world they belong to. This is done through a 128-bit encrypted secure connection created from the PPPT of the local computer to the VPN server.
You can also think that the connection is completely fixed to the data of the source network and the destination and the addresses of both parties are encrypted. It is the Internet that connects to remote networks and sites through VPN work and virtual connections. Therefore, the user caused by the time of accessing the network during the period will not be interrupted. Therefore, Online Proxy sites like Youtube proxy or Unblock proxy is too better than VPN  VPN is slowly emerging as a great means of connecting to the office network or LAN. The security attributes that strongly give way to the VPN and major elements include firewall protection, encryption, and password functionality. They provide the entire system of a set of security methods. The common form of VPN happens to be a remote access VPN.
 This provides assistance to the system in creating a secure tunnel-connected office server. Virtual private networks also exist in countries where these countries carry out the great undertakings of cyber censorship. Let us take an example of China, where there are more Internet users than the entire U.S. population. They often visit you for control, on Facebook, and even Wikipedia, but worst of all, there are restrictions set by the communist government and people are not allowed to enter the site of their choice.
This is a great Chinese firewall; They need to do this in order to cross it. Therefore, VPN involves their help. With the help of it, they have ample opportunity to go to the net, but minus the risk of getting tracked.
 So, it can be seen as a question about how to unblock the site and answer your questions? Alonweb offers a free VPN service and offers an open VPN tunnel that forms a secure socket layer. It has several servers to choose from, it involves completely free of charge. This will effectively allow users to feel safe over the net. Free VPN services generally provide connectivity to users through two servers, although they have certain limitations that are very beneficial to all users.