Mother’s Day

mother day

Dear Mama,

  • I owe my life to You, you have only ever given me the best,
  • I’m holding you tight because I love you
  • And thank God that you exist!
  • You have given me the life
  • Have a big thank you,
  • You are the best mom in the world,
  • I wish you all the love for Mother’s Day!
  • I wish you to Mother’s Day
  • Health, happiness, and sunshine,
  • I give you flowers and a kiss
  • And send you a kind greeting!
  • Dear Mum Today is your feast,
  • You are the best and have a big heart,
  • I brought flowers to you today
  • And I wish you all the love for Mother’s Day!
  • I cannot remember a long poem
  • And I wonder: What should I give you?
  • I give you a kiss and hug you,
  • You’re the best mom in the world!
  • Dear mum, I love you very much,
  • You are the best mum that ever exists,
  • I wish you a long and happy life,
  • May God give you only the best?
  • Be happy, stay healthy and strong
  • I send you my best wishes Mother’s Day!

Much love for Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day Images is a wonderful holiday in honor of mother and motherhood because the most important person in our lives is our dear mother: she gives birth to us, cares for us, loves and supports us all her life.

Mother’s Day is a nice family party. Even though we can make Mother’s Day every day and show our love and gratitude every day, it is still nice that we dedicate one day a year to our mother alone. It is also a wonderful occasion to spend more time with the family or to visit the mum.

Mother’s Day is always held on the second Sunday of May in German-speaking countries.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we want to give our mom a treat, give her something nice and spoil her. The traditional Mother’s Day gifts are flowers, chocolates, and a nice card.

Usually, our mother can buy everything herself, so it’s usually small gestures and attention that give her the most pleasure. For example, on this day you can prepare breakfast for you, cook something special, bake a cake or organize a family outing. It is important that our gift is made with love and comes from the heart.

A personal gift, such as a homemade card, is very original and equally well received. Here you can find beautiful sayings and poems for Mother’s Day.

Traveling By London Gatwick Airport

gatwick taxi

Where is London Gatwick Airport?

South of the capital London and north of the cities of Crawley and Brighton lies London Gatwick Airport.

The location is excellent, right off the M23 motorway. Take exit 9 to reach the airport within a few minutes. London Gatwick Airport consists of two terminals:

The North Terminal and South Terminal are interconnected by a magnetic train (Inter-terminal shuttle).

The airport is one of the busiest in Europe and is used mostly by British Airways, EasyJet, TUI Airways, Norwegian and Thomas Cook Airlines.

What is the distance between London Gatwick Airport and central London?

The M23 and A23 are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by car in the heart of the city.

The distance between London Gatwick Airport and central London is 29 miles (47 kilometers).

Which airlines fly to and from London Gatwick Airport?

  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • TUI Airways
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • Norwegian

The full list can be found at this link: Airlines London Gatwick Airport. Are you still looking for plane tickets for your trip to London?, Then compare all prices of the airlines at Opodo and Expedia.

How do you get from London Gatwick Airport to London and Brighton?

The London City Pass is ideal when London Eye and Buckingham Palace are on London’s must-see list. The sightseeing ticket includes a free airport transfer to the city center and a 24-hour Hop-On Hop-Off bus ticket!

Train Transport – Gatwick Express (London Victoria Station)

London Gatwick Airport has its own train station at the South Terminal, including the Gatwick Express to London Victoria Station.

This train service is especially popular with business people, as the Gatwick Express is the fastest travel option between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria in the southwest of the city center.

The journey time between both stations is only 30 minutes by Gatwick Taxi and you have a travel opportunity every 15 minutes.

Tickets are not cheap, but you can save money by buying in advance (10% off) a one-way, round -trip or Web Duo Anytime Return.

The latter ticket can be used for two adults and a child, the roundtrip price is £45.50. If you do not want to spend so much money.

Unlike the Gatwick Express, this train does not run directly through, but via East Croydon and Clapham Junction.

For a single ride on Southern Railway, you pay £ 15.70, and you travel about 35 minutes. This means that Southern Railway is as fast as Gatwick Express, and these trains also travel regularly to and from London Gatwick Airport.

These trains also travel regularly to and from London Gatwick Airport. More information can be found here: These trains also travel regularly to and From London Gatwick Airport.

All About The Hair Styling Procedure

hair styling techniques male
hair styling techniques male

Hair Styling Techniques

Define The Outline Clearly

Lay the haircut you want out clearly. If you want the hair all the way up off your ears, the phrase “above the ears, please” needs to leave your mouth at some point. Ditto “out of the eyes,” “off the neck,” and so on.

That defines where you actually want the hair to stop — where you want the cut to stop and bare skin to begin. If you want a fade instead, that’s another word that needs to leave your mouth.

“Fading out below the ears,” etc., tell the barber where you want the cut to end and the graduated buzz to begin.

You need to do this even if you’ve given the barber a specific style. Tell one barber that you want a “crew cut,” with no other details, and you’ll get a different shape than you will with another barber.


One thing that the name of a style doesn’t tell the barber is how you want the surface of your hair shaped. This is especially important for longer styles.

A barber can use different tools for different looks — if he goes at your hair with the electric trimmers, it’s going to be shorter, spikier, and more uniform than if he works entirely with scissors, and a straight razor will give you a choppier, more layered look that thins the hair out overall. Key things to describe are how even you want the hair and how thick you want it.

Tell the barber if you want to lose some volume, and tell him if you want a choppy, layered look versus a smooth, even look.

Get Specific While Styling Hairs

The last step is one you don’t have to do. But if you like being in control of your look, and you’ve gone some research, there are a couple specific points where you can tell your barber or stylist what options you prefer.

Neck line is the shape of the bottom edge of the hairstyles for boys. It’s also sometimes called the nape, although that’s more properly a term for the back of the neck itself.

A blocked neckline squares off solidly across the bottom. It’s usually done with scissors followed up with trimmers. It’s easy, but starts to look raggedy fast, so be prepared to do some trimming at home or to make some follow-up visits to keep it neat.

Who Is The Agent In Http Protocol


The Agent

Agent, called as Networking Agent, network services are of special types that permits a network client via the service with another network terminal (usually a server) non-direct connection.

Some gateways, or the proxysite routers and other network equipment with network proxy capabilities. Agency services are generally believed to help protect the privacy or security of network conductors and prevent attacks.

Agency Services

Agency services computer systems or other types of network terminal called a proxy server. A complete proxy request process is as follows:

The client first establishes a connection with the proxy server, and then requests to establish a connection to the target server or obtain the specified resource (for example, a file) of the target server according to the proxy protocol used by the proxy server.

In the latter case, the proxy server may download the resource of the target server to the local cache. If the client wants to obtain the resource in the proxy server’s cache, the proxy server will not send the request to the target server but directly return cached resources.

Some proxy protocols allow the proxy server to change the client’s original request to the original response of the target server to satisfy the needs of the proxy site protocol.

Proxy server options and settings in a computer program typically include a “firewall” that allows the user to enter the proxy address, which covers their network activity and allows filtering across the Internet for network access.


Increase the speed of access: usually the proxy server is set to a larger buffer, when the outside information is passed, but also to save it to the buffer, when other users access the same information, then directly from the buffer remove the Information, passed to the user, in order to improve access speed.
Control access to internal resources:

If a university FTP (provided that the proxy address within the allowable access to the resources), the use of educational network address free proxy server, you can use for educational network open all kinds of FTP Download and Upload, as well as various types of information sharing and other services.

Filtering content:

For example, restrict access to specific computers, translating data from one language to another, or defending offensive access to both sides of a proxy server.

Hide real IP:

Internet users can also hide their own IP through the proxy server, from attack. However, it is difficult for only one agent to guarantee safety. A safer method is to use a specific tool to set up an agent chain.

Break their own IP access restrictions:

Visit foreign sites. China Education Network and 169 network users such as Internet users can visit foreign websites.

Break through the content filtering mechanism

To restrict access to filtered sites. Restrictions on internet access in China such as Great Firewall of Fire can be overcome by browsing through the proxy server.

But every time the National Day, the two sessions and other Sensitive period, the Great Firewall of the firewall will greatly enhance the blockade, most of the proxy server and proxy software will not be able to connect. (Such as: Tor, free door, unbounded browsing, etc.)

Proxy Site, HTTP Protocol Request Message Request

http protocol

HTTP request message request
The request message that the client sends an HTTP request to the server includes the following format:
It consists of four parts: request line, request header, blank line, and request data.
<br />
Http request message structure.png
• The request line begins with a method symbol, separated by a space, followed by the requested URI and the protocol version.
Get request example, use Charles to retrieve the request:
GET /562f25980001b1b106000338.jpg HTTP/1.1
Host on proxysite
User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.106 Safari/537.36
Accept image/webp,image/*,*/*;q=0.8
Accept-Encoding gzip, deflate, sdch
Accept-Language zh-CN,zh;q=0.8
The first part: request line, used to indicate the type of request, the resources to access, and the HTTP version used.
GET indicates that the request type is GET, and [/562f25980001b1b106000338.jpg] is the resource to be accessed. The last part of the line indicates that the HTTP 1.1 version is used.
The second part: the request header, immediately after the request line (that is, the first line), used to depict additional information to be used by the server
From the second line to the request header, HOST will indicate the destination of the request. User-Agent, both server-side and client-side scripts can access it. It is an important basis for browser-type detection logic. This information is accessed by you. To define, and automatically send in each request, etc.
The third part: blank line, the blank line behind the request header is a must
Even if the fourth part of the request data is empty, there must be a blank line.
Part IV: The request data is also called the subject and any other data can be added.
The request data for this example is empty.
POST request example, using the request captured by Charles:
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022)
Content-Length: 40
Connection: Keep-Alive
The first part: the request line, the first line is the post request, and the http1.1 version.
The second part: the request header, the second line to the sixth line.
The third part: blank line, blank line of the seventh line.
Part IV: Request Data, Eighth Line.
HTTP response message Response
Under normal circumstances, the server will return an HTTP response message after receiving and processing the request from the client.
The HTTP response also consists of four parts: the status line, the message header, the blank line, and the response body.
<br />
Http response message format.jpg
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 06:07:21 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
<!–body goes here–>
The first part: The status line consists of the HTTP protocol version number, status code, and status message.
The first behavior status line, (HTTP/1.1) indicates that the HTTP version is version 1.1, the status code is 200, and the status message is (ok)
The second part: The message header, used to explain some additional information to be used by the client
The second and third lines of message headers,
Date: The date and time the response was generated; Content-Type: Specifies the MIME type of HTML (text/html), the encoding type is UTF-8
The third part: blank line, blank line behind message header is required
Part IV: Response text, text information returned by the server to the client.
The html part behind the blank line is the response body.