Mother’s Day

mother day

Dear Mama,

  • I owe my life to You, you have only ever given me the best,
  • I’m holding you tight because I love you
  • And thank God that you exist!
  • You have given me the life
  • Have a big thank you,
  • You are the best mom in the world,
  • I wish you all the love for Mother’s Day!
  • I wish you to Mother’s Day
  • Health, happiness, and sunshine,
  • I give you flowers and a kiss
  • And send you a kind greeting!
  • Dear Mum Today is your feast,
  • You are the best and have a big heart,
  • I brought flowers to you today
  • And I wish you all the love for Mother’s Day!
  • I cannot remember a long poem
  • And I wonder: What should I give you?
  • I give you a kiss and hug you,
  • You’re the best mom in the world!
  • Dear mum, I love you very much,
  • You are the best mum that ever exists,
  • I wish you a long and happy life,
  • May God give you only the best?
  • Be happy, stay healthy and strong
  • I send you my best wishes Mother’s Day!

Much love for Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day Images is a wonderful holiday in honor of mother and motherhood because the most important person in our lives is our dear mother: she gives birth to us, cares for us, loves and supports us all her life.

Mother’s Day is a nice family party. Even though we can make Mother’s Day every day and show our love and gratitude every day, it is still nice that we dedicate one day a year to our mother alone. It is also a wonderful occasion to spend more time with the family or to visit the mum.

Mother’s Day is always held on the second Sunday of May in German-speaking countries.

Gifts for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day we want to give our mom a treat, give her something nice and spoil her. The traditional Mother’s Day gifts are flowers, chocolates, and a nice card.

Usually, our mother can buy everything herself, so it’s usually small gestures and attention that give her the most pleasure. For example, on this day you can prepare breakfast for you, cook something special, bake a cake or organize a family outing. It is important that our gift is made with love and comes from the heart.

A personal gift, such as a homemade card, is very original and equally well received. Here you can find beautiful sayings and poems for Mother’s Day.