What Are Good Or Bad Fast Food Effects On Our Body?

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Fast f Food – Effects On The Body

It goes fast, it tastes delicious and the selection is great: Fast food is very popular among the Germans, whether as a quick meal during the lunch break or in the evening, so you do not have to cook anything.

Almost every second person can enjoy a burger, pizza, curries or kebab at least once a month. Basically, this is not unhealthy, because as with any meal is that it is the mass that literally in the meaning of the word.

If you eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly, you can indulge in fast food now and again without a guilty conscience. But what effects can excessive consumption have and what can you do about it?

Health Consequences

Fast food is therefore considered unhealthy, because it is processed foods that are very high in calories and contain a lot of fat and carbohydrates (sugar).

Even if a certain amount of fresh salad and vegetables is one of the ingredients of a burger or doner kebab, the so-called micronutrient density is still far too low to reach the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, having a fast food meal already covers a large part of your daily energy needs. This varies depending on age, gender and lifestyle:

A woman in her mid-20s needs about 1,900 kcal, while a man of the same age needs 2,400 kcal a day. At the age of 65, men’s needs are only 2,000 kcal and that of women is 1,600 kcal.

Anyone who permanently exceeds this amount with too much fast food risks a strong weight gain as well as an obesity of the body.

The latter results from the fact that the mass of sugar cannot be completely burned and stored in the cells, where it is converted into fat. Gradually, a layer of fat develops under the skin and around the organs.

This slows down various processes in the body, such as digestion, which in turn has a negative effect on well-being and health. Furthermore, the consumption of burgers, pizzas and co, causes the feeling of satiety is difficult to assess.

By eating food open near me is already in the stomach before the brain can emit appropriate signals. The sugars and fats it contains make it necessary for the body to shed insulin to lower blood sugar levels. When this process is completed, it is usually followed by a food cravings, so there is a high risk of supplying the body with much more energy than it needs in one day.

Counteract With Sport

Being active is essential to your health in order to train your muscles and endurance. This prevents cardiovascular diseases, obesity, back pain, cancer and diabetes. In addition, exercise helps burn calories and fats: running, cycling and other sports can therefore be used to consume the energy that you may have consumed too much in one day. This study shows how much exercise is necessary to burn breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example, a middle-aged woman who does not move during the day for professional reasons has to jog 71 minutes to get rid of a doner kebab.

A varied mix is ​​the best way for a healthy diet. Then it does not matter much, if once a burger or Curries is under it. It is also important to balance his energy balance through daily, athletic movement.