How To Select The Best Orange Juicer?

commercial orange juicer

Juicer Test Reviews – The Best Comparison 2018

A freshly squeezed juice is the best way to start the day. To treat yourself to this luxury every day, today there are a variety of different devices.

We have tested the best equipment in our juicer test reviews. In our comparison we present the individual juicers and their features. Thus, the right juice device can be selected for every demand and every purse.

Thanks to our extensive on line research, we have used offers, customer reviews, manufacturer information and other on line sources to give you the most comprehensive picture possible of the devices.

We pay particular attention to quality and price / performance ratio of product and shop, so you have as long as possible joy with the product. If you buy cheap, buy twice here too.

It pays to invest a little more in the longevity and features of the offers. But in addition to our comparative winners, there are also some cheap electric juicers that deliver quite acceptable results even for smaller prices.

Home fresh juice pressing is in line with the trend. And with the juicers presented here, the daily self-squeezed juice becomes child’s play.

Here is a guide about what a good juicer needs and what you should pay attention to when buying.

How To Choose The Perfect Juicer

  • What you can juicing everything and what you have to pay attention to
  • But before we explain all this to you in the further course, we have summarized here for you ever the most important tips for the purchase of a juicer.
  • The following features have also been used as criteria in our comparison and test reviews.

5 Tips Before Buying A Quality Juicer

  • When buying a juicer you should pay attention to these points:
  • Our juicer test reviews will help you with your purchase
  • The juicer must have a powerful motor with high wattage power to power the centrifuge.
  • The unit must have good stability and the centrifuge must be surrounded by a sturdy stainless steel or plastic housing on the outside.

How Juicers Are Built And How To Use Them Properly

A large hopper saves time and labor as the fruits and vegetables do not have to be pre-cut. The pulp container of the juicer should be very large in order to process as much material as possible at once. Thus, the collecting container does not need to be constantly emptied and the cleaning is also easier.

A good juicer is recognizable by the condition of the pomace. If the plant remains dry, a maximum of liquid was brought out of the fruit and vegetables. Juicer machines are ideal for quickly processing hard fruits and vegetables.

Anti-slip feet ensure safe working: To ensure a perfect grip stable anti-slip feet should be present, so that nothing slips during operation.

The latest commercial orange juicer  work a little slower. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are powerful devices. Rather, it is about treating the fruits and vegetables very gently.

Special processes extract as much juice from the product as possible. For example, one kilo of carrots gives you almost a full liter of carrot juice. The gentle process keeps all flavor and colorants, antioxidants and vitamins.