Chausie, The Most Intelligent Cat

Why Peoples Like to Have Chausie As Pet?


Chausie is a newly arrived cat, according to the cat owner Aluo said Chausie’s ancestors are wild African forest cat (Jungle Cat), followed by the American breeders will be farmed male wild African forest Cat and female purebred cat mating. Chausie is currently one of the world’s greatest purebred cats, they have the king of beasts of the temperament, reminiscent of the lion, so there is a glorious Chinese name – African lion cat.

Chausie Cats Cherecteristics

Face sharp, high cheekbones, big eyes, quasi-head with meat, lips thick, high skeleton, with slender body, but also with a little muscle, not the slightest “worship meat”, a standard beauty of the embryo. Can not think of the above adjectives can also appreciate the beauty of the cat, today introduced the African lion cat is the cat in the great beauty, show outside the Hui, the cat fans see, all the rush.

Chausie Color

Coat color, the most common only sand gold, and night sky gold or silver is a rare coat color. Sex, the female African lion cat than the male expansive, a rare night sky gold or silver cat female BB, worth about ten thousand yuan, worth extraordinary.