Mother’s day Celebrate

Celebrate Mother’s Day, Mommy year thanks to the hard work, Grand Hyatt Taipei launched various activities including physical and mental Shuhuo ‘favorite Mummy “SPA project, 105 minutes stretch of the physical and spiritual journey, the mother forgets the daily worries, with pleasure and his family for the holidays.

Another design diverse dining options, including the Hyatt hall on the third floor, there is a wonderful parody and folk performances “Maximo Oliveros mother retro party” buffet feast; or reservation on the second-floor restaurant table with food and an exquisite little extra special surprise gift. There are three Baguette Bakery festival gift ‧ limited cake with sweet pet Mommy! all events launch on Specials Days

on the fifth floor, Oasis Spa launched to celebrate Mother’s Day “Mummy pet” project price NT $ 3,960, to between 1 May 14 date to sell limited. Including complementary physical and mental energy, new look from the inside out 60 minutes ultimate healing soothing massage, 30 minutes Broadwood sauna experience, the first 15-minute massage welcome tea, petal foot bath and relaxing massage to relieve small point.

Meanwhile, the purchase of Oasis Spa Mother’s Day “Mummy pet” project, then bonus worth NT $ 968 element of Kifissia B guest house afternoon tea (term ending May 31, 2017), a limited number available on all flights.

* Something New mother retro party
May 14 Mother’s Day was held in Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand Hyatt hall “Something New Love” Mother’s Day luncheon, with the theme of retro elegance, offers a buffet of delicacies, with live mimicry and folk concert, invites you to spend a cozy holiday with Mummy!

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What Is Stress

What is stress?

In fact, the “stress” we talk about in our daily conversation is likely to be different from the “stress” discussed below.
“Pressure” discussed below, it is a time when people feel threatened feelings caused by an abstract uncomfortable feeling, namely English Stress of. In other words, “pressure” Stress  refers to a hair from the heart and personal feelings.

Stress is the “physical and psychological response” to our “difficulties and challenges” .Stress can be a part of our  (like work, work, etc.), also can not adapt to the new environment because caused or challenge. Thus, stress can be defined as “the physiological and psychological response of man to intimidation and threats”.

Is the pressure necessarily bad?

Stress is not necessarily bad. “Father of the pressure of repair” Seoul when talking about stress, be categorized as “good stress”  and “bad stress” (Distress).
Bad pressure will make us physically and mentally are bad influence, even will endanger health.

On the other hand, good pressure can drive people to concentrate, in the best condition to cope with difficulties, only to get the best performance and the best results. For example, many people will be rushed before the deadline, because of the pressure caused by time pressure, in particular, people make efforts, allowing the ability to work several times the increase. In addition, if we find a competitor, the pressure will be  not relax, which may thus create good results.

Since it is good or bad, we should try to avoid the bad influence of “bad pressure” and use “good pressure” to help us improve our work efficiency Proxy Sites
What are the adverse effects of stress?
Symptoms of over-compression vary from person to person.
Many people will have headaches, insomnia, tension, back pain, tantrum, can not concentrate, no appetite, depression and other symptoms. In severe cases, there will be “physical and mental exhaustion” of the situation, it is completely lost all energy, it also produces psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, depression and so on.

Long-term pressure, the body’s immune system will decline, the heart is also affected, it is more likely to fall ill. Pressure with the rise of cholesterol, stomach, high blood pressure, migraine, skin diseases, enteritis and other diseases are related.
Will the stress of everyday life become severe in such circumstances?
In general there are two cases, will make us already accustomed to the pressure becomes serious.

First, any sudden change can produce a lot of stress, especially when these changes affect our daily life, so we need to adjust the practices we use to adapt to change, the sense of pressure will become serious. The greater the magnitude of these changes, the greater will be the increase in stress.
Di Second, a long time can not relax in a state of war, also have severe stress.Difficulties, such as crowded circumstances, work difficulties, interpersonal disputes, and financial problems, which are often encountered in the daily life, if they can not Be effectively improved, will increase a lot of pressure.

But, generally speaking, those who are sick, poor economic conditions, excessive labor or insomnia, are more vulnerable to the bad influence of stress. On the contrary, people with family or friend are more able to withstand stress.

Can we be completely without any pressure?

Pressure is like breathing, is permanent with us, will never disappear. Pressure, if not properly handled, will be like snowball, the bigger the roll, until it becomes out of hand. Therefore, to deal with the pressure, we should not be completely put an end to pressure as the goal. We should learn from the face of the causes of pressure to analyze it, and to conquer it.

Stress is our physical and psychological response to the challenges of the environment, there is no sense of pressure, we deal with the size of the problem will be no driving force. If a person is too comfortable to live in the situation, it is not necessarily a good thing.

Therefore, our attitude to stress should not be to completely get rid of the pressure, but to learn how to face the pressure, thus reducing the pressure on our physical and psychological impact.

As mentioned above, the pressure is due to the sudden change in the operational state or long-term increase, and these two points in a busy metropolis is difficult to avoid. In most cases, we can not arbitrarily change the environment, to make the environment with us. The only thing we can easily change is our own behavior.

What is the main cause of stress?

To conquer the pressures of our daily lives, we first need to understand the main causes of stress. Although each person lives in a completely different environment, the difficulties are not the same, but the factors that constitute the pressure and the big principles, but it is much the same. To sum up, the pressure is derived from three places.
1. The pressure can be derived from the face can not cope or too much the number of challenges and threats. The most common is the difficulty in working, feeling or family.
2. The pressure can also be difficult to adapt to adversity with a relevant, which we call “life events”, unemployment, bankruptcy, divorce, widowhood, etc.
3. The pressure can also speak to individual psychological factors. Personal view of things, coupled with personality factors, directly determine whether a thing will constitute a pressure.

The source of most of the pressure is “all wishes come true.” Think the problem you have in mind how much it affects you, it will constitute your much pressure. Psychological factors and the relationship between pressure is so direct. Let’s say two people are the boss scolded a meal, the

A-so much so fear the boss of their dislike, so it was very stressful.

B Jun has just been in the lottery, so do not care about the future of work, but when the boss scolded him sing.

Since our thinking is the only thing we can directly affect, so to improve the psychological factors to decompression is the best method of decompression.

How to overcome the pressure is the best way?

As mentioned above, the pressure seems to come from your four directions, but in fact the main source of pressure is your heart. To adapt to the pressure, we must first start from the causes of pressure. If stress is caused by a challenge, threat, or “event of life,” learn to adapt. If it is with their own psychological factors, to overcome the method is to adjust their mental state.
In many cases, the pressure is their own.

A person’s view of things directly affect the pressure he has to bear. While exotic beasts are very scary, if you do not think they are a threat to you, then they will not produce a lot of pressure. In turn, even a cockroach-like mouse without any lethality, as long as your heart is scary, they will become the equivalent of a scourge.

Therefore, the best way to overcome stress is to make their own thinking and analysis more rational, at any time using the “decompression thinking mode” to think. In addition, if we understand how to adopt the “lifestyle of stress” in our daily life, we will be able to overcome the pressure in the long run.
Personal psychological factors that contribute to stress
As mentioned earlier, the same incident occurs in different people, but may not constitute the same threat, the degree of pressure is also different. Therefore, personal psychological factors, is caused by a sense of the main factors of stress. There are several types of psychological characteristics and personality, especially with the pressure on the relationship.

1) perfectionist

There are some people on their own and others’ requirements are high, requires everything to be perfect. They set the standard for everything that was harsh and difficult to do.Due to the very high standard order everything for the sake of perfection, everything must spend more time and effort.

In order to achieve near perfect standard, every moment should pay attention to all the details, because only a little bit of the wrong is unacceptable.Therefore, such people often feel that the time and resources are not enough, and will get often in a State of tension, can not loose Hiroshi down. Too high demands on things, a slight mistake will feel unhappy, how can we maintain a relaxed state of mind?

The perfect person, it is easy to do things prioritized, all ministries to uncompromising attention, finally, time is not enough natural, things to delivery is still not good, their requirements will be greater, but the result will be a big pressure increase.

2) love to please people

When a person can not be sure of their own, they will feel that their ideas are not as good as others think. Such people will be very concerned about the views of others on their own, in particular, care about whether they have their own negative.Once someone expresses any negation of what they do, they infer that they do not like themselves and think they are Inferior to others.

Such people also care about how others look at themselves, will live very hard, because others do not allow us to control the view. Because fear can not be sure, they will often worry about the outcome, the pressure will naturally great.

3) stroke to do too

There are others who, because of their inner enthusiasm, will drive themselves to everything in their power to do well. But because of human ability and have limited resources, after all, it will be easy to get their own physical strength, physical and mental are under a lot of pressure. “Too much to do” will produce a lot of pressure.

4) strong ambition

A group of people say to themselves that they can not lose. They will think that if they fail to achieve their goals, they will be utterly defeated and will put them in disaster. However, people are not omnipotent, if the result is not satisfactory, this idea will constitute a lot of pressure.

5) everything in black and white

Some people have some irrational views about things. Sometimes they will be too persistent, do not agree with the doctrine of the mean; Sometimes they will be too pessimistic, for their own manufacturing pressure. This book will go into these irrational ways of thinking later on.

6) the A-type personality

A type personality in particular to link the relationship with pressure. People with this character, everything is demanding, and life is also a tight sense of force. They are often in the “rush” state, forcing themselves to everything fast, but also require their own long-term to be in the peak state to meet the tight feeling. As a result, the pressure and the A-type personalities who forged puzzled edge. The following are some of the A-type personality characteristics:

1. can not stop, the work is much less
2. “Well sit given”
3. impatient
4. workaholic
5.  the Air Table”
6. all competing
7. To achieve the goal can be “glass slide”
8. Easy temper
9. do not recognize their own stress, will be a great reaction

Constitute the work of pressure

In the course of work, we inevitably have to bear a lot of pressure, and there are many, these come from the pressure of work is not easy to handle. Some people will be reluctant to accept them in silence, but to make themselves constantly tortured. In fact, as long as the analysis can be the source of pressure, it is not impossible to retreat.

The most common working pressures are the following.

1. dangerous work
If the work to life or physical danger, the job would constitute the pressure. The nature of the work does not have to be on the battlefield when the soldiers, or the hospital to take care of atypical pneumonia patients, is considered the dangerous work. Any job that does not guarantee job safety can trigger such pressures.

2. The requirement beyond capacity and resources

When the work is beyond the needs of our individual abilities, we will feel the pressure of work. “I do not know.”

3. workload too heavy

Before there are too many things to do, have very much. If you work too much, because you do not know how to use time or things to do by priorities, in addition to excessive work pressure, you often have to bear the deadline pressure, change will be one hundred pounds.

4. Excessive liability

Liability consuming more energy than our hard labor, because of the psychological burden of more than hard work. If a person shares several roles, the burden will be more uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the duties are not clear, so that employees simply do not understand why their responsibilities, the people do not know how to start, will constitute a considerable pressure.

5. vagaries of the working environment

In any of the uncertainties of the future, will people feel uneasy ignorance, and even cause it is not all out to tackle the problem. Similarly, people are accustomed to stable life of animals, any unstable future, are the source of pressure.

6. The non-ideal working environment

Where are you working, you may have a day to spend the most time. If the work environment noise, crowded, dark, the air is not circulation, it unconsciously produces a sense of pressure.

7. difficult to get along with interpersonal

Problems caused people to get along, are the most uncomfortable, and also difficult to solve. When a group of people together to show you do not agree with the time, the uncomfortable, is not easy to describe.

8. being unreasonable treatment

Interpersonal problems, that was targeted, given an unfair and unreasonable treatment, is most  unpleasant.

When we realize that the pressure from work is where we eat, we will be sure how to deal with
These are the pressures.

Life Events

Each individual life will certainly be some major event. Marriage, divorce, retirement, widowhood, economic crisis and other major events in life, we have a very far-reaching impact, will pose pressure for us. Psychologist Joy Holmes and Watson (Holmes) found a person within one year of life events experienced by more physical illness will be greater. They also listed a series of life personnel that found the most stress in their study, and gave each score a higher score that led to greater stress.
According to the study, the twenty things that led to the most stress were the following.

  1.   The spouse died (100 points)
  2.   Divorce (73 points
  3.   With the separated spouse (65 points)
  4.   The prison (63 points)
  5.   Family members were killed (63 points)
  6.   Personal illness or injury (53 points)
  7.   Married (50 points)
  8.   Was fired from the company (47 points)
  9.   With spouse compound (45 points)
  10.   Retirement (45 points)
  11.   Family sick (44 points)
  12.   Pregnancy (40 points)
  13.   Sexual performance problems (39 points)
  14.   There are new developments in the business (39 points)
  15.   Transition occurs on the economic capacity (38 points)
  16.   Friends were killed (37 points)
  17.   Switch (36 points)
  18.   With spouses big fight (35 points)
  19.   By the huge loans (31 points)
    You may find that all of these events are not all bad things. Many of them are happy events, which are the “good stress” mentioned earlier. If anyone has two or more life events in a year, the probability of suffering from stress is as high as 50 to 80 percent.

In short, as long as you know where the pressure comes from, in the fight against the pressure, you have the odds. The so-called “friends know better, pressure away from you” is justified.