All About The Hair Styling Procedure

hair styling techniques male
hair styling techniques male

Hair Styling Techniques

Define The Outline Clearly

Lay the haircut you want out clearly. If you want the hair all the way up off your ears, the phrase “above the ears, please” needs to leave your mouth at some point. Ditto “out of the eyes,” “off the neck,” and so on.

That defines where you actually want the hair to stop — where you want the cut to stop and bare skin to begin. If you want a fade instead, that’s another word that needs to leave your mouth.

“Fading out below the ears,” etc., tell the barber where you want the cut to end and the graduated buzz to begin.

You need to do this even if you’ve given the barber a specific style. Tell one barber that you want a “crew cut,” with no other details, and you’ll get a different shape than you will with another barber.


One thing that the name of a style doesn’t tell the barber is how you want the surface of your hair shaped. This is especially important for longer styles.

A barber can use different tools for different looks — if he goes at your hair with the electric trimmers, it’s going to be shorter, spikier, and more uniform than if he works entirely with scissors, and a straight razor will give you a choppier, more layered look that thins the hair out overall. Key things to describe are how even you want the hair and how thick you want it.

Tell the barber if you want to lose some volume, and tell him if you want a choppy, layered look versus a smooth, even look.

Get Specific While Styling Hairs

The last step is one you don’t have to do. But if you like being in control of your look, and you’ve gone some research, there are a couple specific points where you can tell your barber or stylist what options you prefer.

Neck line is the shape of the bottom edge of the hairstyles for boys. It’s also sometimes called the nape, although that’s more properly a term for the back of the neck itself.

A blocked neckline squares off solidly across the bottom. It’s usually done with scissors followed up with trimmers. It’s easy, but starts to look raggedy fast, so be prepared to do some trimming at home or to make some follow-up visits to keep it neat.