All About The Hair Styling Procedure

Hair Styling Techniques

Define The Outline Clearly

Lay the haircut you want out clearly. If you want the hair all the way up off your ears, the phrase “above the ears, please” needs to leave your mouth at some point. Ditto “out of the eyes,” “off the neck,” and so on.

That defines where you actually want the hairstyles for boys to stop — where you want the cut to stop and bare skin to begin. If you want a fade instead, that’s another word that needs to leave your mouth.

“Fading out below the ears,” etc., tell the barber where you want the cut to end and the graduated buzz to begin.

You need to do this even if you’ve given the barber a specific style. Tell one barber that you want a “crew cut,” with no other details, and you’ll get a different shape than you will with another barber.


One thing that the name of a style doesn’t tell the barber is how you want the surface of your hair shaped. This is especially important for longer styles.

A barber can use different tools for different looks — if he goes at your hair with the electric trimmers, it’s going to be shorter, spikier, and more uniform than ever.

if he works entirely with scissors, and a straight razor will give you a choppier, more layered look that thins the hair out overall. Key things to describe are how even you want the hair and how thick you want it.

Tell the barber if you want to lose some volume, and tell him if you want a choppy, layered look versus a smooth, even look.

Get Specific While Styling Hairs

The last step is one you don’t have to do. But if you like being in control of your look, and you’ve gone some research, there are a couple specific points where you can tell your barber or stylist what options you prefer.

Neck line is the shape of the bottom edge of the haircut in back. It’s also sometimes called the nape, although that’s more properly a term for the back of the neck itself.

A blocked neckline squares off solidly across the bottom. It’s usually done with scissors followed up with trimmers. It’s easy, but starts to look raggedy fast, so be prepared to do some trimming at home or to make some follow-up visits to keep it neat.


ptc sites
ptc sites

What Are PTC Sites And How They Work?

PTC (Paid to click) pages, or the ptc sites also called Bux pages, are very popular like the Paidmailer. Incidentally, the word Bux comes from the English word buck, which is colloquially for a dollar. The name already reveals what this is all about: the members of such Bux sites get money for the click – and that is the click on advertising. Anyone who signs up with a PTC provider finds in the logged-in state in his member’s area numerous advertisements, banners, links, etc. which he must click and leave open for a certain time. When the time is up, the click is registered and paid. However, with more than a cent per click you should not expect, it is usually rather less. Also, most vendors do not allow multiple windows to open at the same time to save time. Each clicked and should actually be viewed; This increases the conversion rate for the advertisers and makes things more interesting for them. Of course, you can figure out in one hand how much money you earn in this way – it is hardly worth mentioning. However, there is the opportunity to significantly increase his merit by recruiting new members. But more on that later.

In German-speaking countries, there are only two providers that really worth mentioning. Both are serious and have been there for so long that they can be described as established.

ClixSense has been around since 2007, and since then, the vendor has proven to be reliable and reputable. The earned credit is always paid out and there are opportunities for the members to increase their earnings appropriately. Because not only by clicking on advertising can you earn money with ClixSense, but also by completing simple tasks in the online area such as the participation in short surveys. With a bit of luck, you can also make money by joining ClixGrid, the game for members, where everyone has 25 attempts a day, premium members even more. Also by advertising friends, you can earn extra money. Overall, nothing negative can be said about this provider – it’s worth registering.

NeoBux is a comparable provider to ClixSense. Again, you can earn money by clicking on advertising and increase the earnings by recruiting new members. Anyone who purchases a premium membership gets even more money for his clicks and his refs. The disadvantage of this provider, however, is that you have to be constantly active to earn something. Referred Refs who are no longer active will not earn any income, and you should not be inactive for a long time.

Increase The Earnings

With scarcely any merit by clicking on advertising alone, one should take advantage of the various other possibilities of earning money from PTC services. Above all, through the recruitment of new members, one can increase his merit considerably, because one earns in the profits of the recruited users permanently. If you have your own website, you can advertise it to the provider and hope that many of his readers will sign up via his Ref-link there. In addition, there is also the possibility to buy or rent Refs. Although this is initially associated with an investment, this usually brings you back in time with the time and even makes profits. Nevertheless, you should be careful, as you are never completely safe from losses when investing.


One does not get rich with PTC, but who exhausted all given possibilities, can earn a nice additional income. The time required for this is limited. It is important that you inform yourself in advance about the various providers and only logs on to the established and reputable. With new offerers caution is to be advised, finally one never knows whether they can really keep themselves on the market and not disappear after a while together with their already earned money again in the sinking.

How to Unblock Websites with Global VPN

How to Unblock Websites With Global VPN VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that is an option that has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. VPN service providers provide an alternative personal network connection for different company offices around the world. In fact,
VPN is a private network established with public access to the Internet. It uses different security measures and encrypted public networks. This in turn helps to maintain the confidentiality of the organization and maintain the privacy of the information. This is one of the reasons VPN is also known as Internet VPN. It can be effectively used to unlock any website such as Facebook,
YouTube, SKYPE, etc. The VPN even led to different companies, getting servers connected to the office from the office than anywhere else. Now you have to be curious and want to know how to VPN? It is a point-to-point point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) window of the VPN server that allows Windows or Mac users to log in to the Power Wizard server, regardless of which world they belong to. This is done through a 128-bit encrypted secure connection created from the PPPT of the local computer to the VPN server.
You can also think that the connection is completely fixed to the data of the source network and the destination and the addresses of both parties are encrypted. It is the Internet that connects to remote networks and sites through VPN work and virtual connections. Therefore, the user caused by the time of accessing the network during the period will not be interrupted. Therefore, Online Proxy sites like Youtube proxy or Unblock proxy is too better than VPN  VPN is slowly emerging as a great means of connecting to the office network or LAN. The security attributes that strongly give way to the VPN and major elements include firewall protection, encryption, and password functionality. They provide the entire system of a set of security methods. The common form of VPN happens to be a remote access VPN.
 This provides assistance to the system in creating a secure tunnel-connected office server. Virtual private networks also exist in countries where these countries carry out the great undertakings of cyber censorship. Let us take an example of China, where there are more Internet users than the entire U.S. population. They often visit you for control, on Facebook, and even Wikipedia, but worst of all, there are restrictions set by the communist government and people are not allowed to enter the site of their choice.
This is a great Chinese firewall; They need to do this in order to cross it. Therefore, VPN involves their help. With the help of it, they have ample opportunity to go to the net, but minus the risk of getting tracked.
 So, it can be seen as a question about how to unblock the site and answer your questions? Alonweb offers a free VPN service and offers an open VPN tunnel that forms a secure socket layer. It has several servers to choose from, it involves completely free of charge. This will effectively allow users to feel safe over the net. Free VPN services generally provide connectivity to users through two servers, although they have certain limitations that are very beneficial to all users.

Hypoallergenic basic explanation

hypoallergenic cat

Hypoallergenic network explained

Hypoallergenic: Submit the declaration form and receive the confirmation number, and fill in the confirmation number on the declaration form, or the mail may be returned or destroyed. A US biotech company announced yesterday that they have developed the world’s first hypoallergenic (hypoallergenic) cats, cat lover can let out from sneezing again and again, red eye itchy, breathing troubled.

  • Low Strain Original:
  • Urine
  • Hypoallergenic Low Strain Original
  • Feline

This lightly fragrance moisturizer is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, so it’s gentle enough for even hypersensitive skin.

This light, light fragrance moisturizer is a hypoallergenic skin test, so it is gentle enough to cause skin irritation.

Platinum plating gives the silver setting a rich sheen that’s also tarnish-proof and hypoallergenic.

Platinum plating silver setting gives rich luster, but also damage, evidence and hypoallergenicity.

Platinum plating gives this piece a lustrous finish and makes it hypoallergenic and tarnish-proof. Platinum plating gives the piece a finished finish, making it hypoallergenic and corrupt.

Plating platinum on platinum completes the setting of rich earrings that also tarnish, prove and Hypoallergenic.

Both of these downward-facing dream top plus pillows depict a 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiber gel filled strongly supported.

In conclusion, a higher incidence of moderate to severe AD and AR was found in high risk infants fed regular formula than in those fed hypoallergenic milk.

The Conclusion is: infants with a high familial tendency to allergies, if fed hypoallergenic milk powder, are born the first year, the skin allergy is less severe, and the incidence of allergic rhinitis is lower.

Hypoallergenic milk eat milk (Nestle and Dumex) or goat`s milk.

The Influence of the To Study 10. The hypoallergenic Milk ON The occurrence of allergic Diseases, Thirty-Three High Risk, Full-Term Normal newborns were divided INTO TWO Family Groups with Comparable Score Allergy and Cord serum of IgE.

33 is bit significant and familial allergic tendencies Full-term neonates accept this study on the effects of allergic feeding on the incidence of allergies.

We recommend that you follow a whole food diet rich in fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and other sources of good quality hypoallergenic protein, carbs and healthy fats.

We recommend that you follow the whole food diet rich, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and other Source of high quality hypoallergenic protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Do you have a hypoallergenic cats?

Do you have anti-allergy quilts?

Conversion of Indica rice and broken rice into hypoallergenic rice protein and rice starch noodles was an innovation project. The

Conversion of Indica rice and broken rice into hypoallergenic protein and starch rice noodle is an in-depth development and utilization of food resources and is an innovative project.

Sudocrem contains a number of ingredients and properties, such as: hypoallergenic lanolin, to help provide

Emollient properties Sudocrem can also be used for other skin problems such as protection of injured skin from bacterial infection for faster healing, antibacterial and bacteriologist.

They are safe and effective, not to mention hypoallergenic.

They are safe and effective, let alone allergic.

All of our Tungsten rings are Cobalt Free and hypoallergenic. All of our

Tungsten cobalt rings are free and hypoallergenic.

Another reason is that titanium is hypoallergenic. Another reason is that titanium hypoallergenic.

Since it is completely natural, latex is highly dust-resistant and hypoallergenic as well.

Because it is completely natural, the rubber is very dusty and anti-mulberry as well.

This cream is also unscented and has been clinically tested and proven to be hypoallergenic.

It is also odorless cream and has been clinically tested to prove hypoallergenic.

What about Web Hosting and Cheap Hosting Packages

In a very simple way, the internet is a web site, all of which provide some sort of information or experience a huge internet connection. Each of these sites, once it is set up, has something stored there so it can be accessed by visitors. The process of storing web sites and providing visitors with information is called virtual hosting.

However, what is a virtual host, in the end what is it?

If you take something step by step concept of web hosting is easy to understand. A website is stored on your computer in almost the same way that your personal files are stored on your home computer; the only big difference is that the “website stored computer” is connected to a very fast network so that it can be quickly Visitors who conveniently display the site. This site is called a “server” (because of the information they serve to visitors), and the company’s computers that host these servers are called “presenters” because it is usually a home to many different websites and servers.

Of course, web servers also require maintenance, software must be installed and updated, connections to the internet must be established, optimized, protected and monitored, and clients need to be assisted as needed. Therefore, virtual hosting involves not only providing a home computer site; it also includes all the other technical and support functions.

This can of course be done without the help of a web host from your home or office. However, this is a more complicated process and requires constant care to ensure that the site is still available, and in most cases, the speed and performance of the site do not come close to being hosted by a server vendor. For this reason, almost all personal and corporate websites make use of web hosting services.

Different types of web hosting

A child with a family does not need a van to take him to and from school. On the other hand, families with six children may not find the daily transport of a two-seater sports car particularly useful. In the same way, who needs a cheap yearly web hosting company (or an individual) needs to choose the right type of hosting package.

There are also six major categories of virtual hosts: shared (also known as virtual), private, VPS, distributor, hosting and cloud computing. Here’s a brief introduction to similarities and differences.

  • Shared (virtual) host : This is the “lowest level” virtual host, mainly for small sites. As mentioned above, most servers house many websites; it makes sense that many sites on the same machine house because most simple websites do not take up too much storage space or use large amounts of computer resources . When you buy a shared hosting package, you share the server – and the cost of owning and running the server – with all other clients’ websites also located in it. Shared hosting packages are available at all levels of bandwidth and storage, depending on your needs. The main benefit of sharing a host is that you pay a very low price, often less than $ 10 a month. The potential downside is that there is only a certain amount of power available for the server’s bandwidth, so if your neighbor’s site uses a lot of resources, your site’s performance may be affected.
  • Dedicated Host : This is a “premium” web host, and it is primarily for companies that offer very busy websites or smaller ones. You do not have the machine itself, but all your “own” storage and resources that allow you to use the server, but you may not like the use of storage space or bandwidth for fear of other clients hurting your site’s performance. Dedicated hosts can be configured for your needs in terms of computer memory, storage and bandwidth. The main benefit is that you can set up and operate your server exactly as you choose, even if you have full “root” access if you want (this type of access is not available to virtual clients because changing the server’s settings may affect Each one on the machine’s site client). The potential downside is the price, because the total cost of running, maintaining, and bandwidthing your bearing server is typically more than $ 100 per server.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting : This type of “split-gap” between virtual and standalone hosts often takes the next step toward customers who want to pull customers from shared hosting. You are still sharing a server with other customers, but each machine is a chunk of segmentation that keeps your computer’s storage and resources away from sharing your own private share with anyone. This is why it is called “virtual private” – because although it is not a true dedicated server, it is like one. The main benefit is better performance (because you probably will not have neighbors that affect your site), more control over the way your VPS is set up, and dedicated servers at a lower price. The potential downside is that one VPS may still not be enough for your needs, and you have not, and you get full root privileges on a dedicated machine.
  • Reseller Hosting: This is basically a $1 web hosting account designed to allow you to resell some of your space to others. Company-provided dealer hosting usually provides you with tools to help you position yourself as your “hosting company,” including online systems to set up and manage each client’s account on the server, Bill your own name in your client, and Make it seem that you are really their master.
  • Managed Hosting : With all of the above plans, you “rent out” your server from your host. If you want complete control over your web server, you can buy your own devices and hardware and then “colocate” them at what is sometimes referred to as server farms. In this case, you rent space and all the server operations (such as cooling, power, connectivity and security) provide the necessary support, but you are responsible for the hardware itself. It is close to your base of operations with a company because you have to do technical work on the machine (although some hosts will provide an extra charge for technical support), colocate is usually very important. Hosting is primarily an option for large companies with major online operations and staff engineers; companies choose it to avoid the needs of their own internal data centers.
  • Cloud Hosting: This is a relatively new list and uses a large number of computers in different locations, as they are a huge server including a hosting company. The main advantage is the increased speed and redundancy at relatively low cost. The potential downside is that when many hosts fail to reach the required speed for security, your site is hosted across the cloud and does not provide the same level of support they are currently working on at a single server site.

How to choose the right hosting service

The first thing you need to do when choosing a hosting service is to assess your needs and budget. You have just started to contact a small website, do you have many web hosting, or do you want to host a large e-commerce installation? You look forward to a short period of tourists, or how many? Do you have a lot of resource-intensive media storage and delivery (such as video tutorials), or is your main page just to provide information static? Do you wish you will have substantially expanded your website in the near future? You can spend “at all costs” for your hosting, or do you have a small budget to start with? A small budget, a small site, or a “simple” site Static content will usually require a shared hosting plan, a large site with a good amount of video or a visitor may need a VPS program, and a large e-commerce site Or a strong full-service website will probably need a dedicated server if the budget is available.

Once you have identified your general needs and read about our hosting types, most of the company’s descriptions can be narrowed down to the range of your choices to the type of hosting you need; that is, whether sharing, VPS, or private use is your best black friday web hosting deals.

From there, there are two main issues to consider: the size and the capabilities of your hosting package and the reliability of the company you choose.

Reliability is the research priority to consider. Most hosts will guarantee 99% uptime for your site, fast customer support, and more – they should; it would not do without doing so. But go beyond the claims and get a feel for doing some of your own online checks for your business. Just look at the reputation of Web Hosting forums or test site reviews, but do not let just a disgruntled consumer comment shake you. Get some people say what good feel. Even better, if you can find some websites that are considered by your company hosting, see how they react quickly. Because their presence on the ship must be reliable on so many clients that many will automatically choose the largest web host they can find. However, keep in mind that the biggest one is not always the best, especially when it comes to customer support.

Now that you’ve narrowed your company’s choices, compare them to the packages you need. You want to see some of these specifications and features:

  • Bandwidth / Data Transfer: Realistic. Most hosts advertise “unlimited bandwidth” for their own shared accounts, which are fine smaller, simple websites. But if you have thousands of people watching clips at a very popular video site at the same time, a virtual account is simply not enough, and the host will eventually tell you that you need to upgrade to a higher level account. If you know in advance, you will consume a lot of resources, either to find the amount of bandwidth you are happy with, or to select a VPS or a dedicated hosting account, you can choose to have your package bandwidth.
  • Storage / disk space: the same story bandwidth; reality point. “Unlimited Storage” means unlimited storage of a normal website, which is good. If you plan to compete with Wikipedia, you certainly have more storage space than the entire server. In this case, look for a VPS or a dedicated plan and you will actually need storage space.

Traveling By London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport

LGW is located 47.5 kilometers south of London center. Is Britain’s second largest busy airport, second only to London Heathrow Airport. Gatwick Airport is the eighth busiest airport in Europe.

Prior to 2016, it was the world’s busiest single-run airport, and Gatwick Airport is using commercial flights since 1933. The airport has two terminals, the North Terminal and the South Terminal, the airport’s North-South Terminal consists of an upscale, two-way automatic trajectory connection. In addition to connecting two terminals, you can also connect to the airport train station.

Gatwick Airport is a single runway airport with a runway length of 3,316 meters. In 2016 43.1 million passengers passed the airport.

By the end of 2016, passengers can take flights from Irish Airways, British Airways, Eurasia, EasyJet, Norwegian Airlines, Portugal Airlines and World Airways.

EasyJet, British Airways, and Norwegian Airlines are three major airlines using Gatwick Airport. Of the total number of passengers in Gatwick in 2016, they accounted for 65.43% (EasyJet: 40.37% / 17.4 million; British Airways: 14.39% / 6.2 million; Norway: 10.67% / 4.6 million).

The airport is accessible from a motorway on the M23 road. Located at the airport station of the South Terminal, along with the main lines of Brighton, connecting Victoria’s station in London and London Bridge Station, as well as Brighton, Eastbourne, Portsburn and Bognor Regus.

Thames link provides direct trains to Luton Airport; Western Railway trains connect directly to Gatwick Airport and Guildford and are connected to Oxford, Bristol, Plymouth, and Cardiff.

At the East Croydon station, you can reach Heathrow Airport via the X26 Express train. Since January 2016, London’s Oyster cards and non-contact cards are also available at Gatwick Airport. Oxford Bus Company to provide services to the University of Oxford,

Accident On London Gatwick Airport

September 15, 1936, a de Havilland Airlines plane crashed during the night-mail to Germany, resulting in the airline’s chief pilot and two crew members died.

In November 1936, the British Airways Fokker F 12 plane crashed on a tree in the 7.2 km south of Gatwick in a low visibility, causing two pilots to die and the aircraft engineer was seriously injured.

February 17, 1959 – A Turkish Airways Viscount Vickers crashed in a fog and the plane crashed into Gatwick Airport. Twenty-four of the 24 members were killed and Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes survived.

January 5, 1969 – A Boeing 727-701 flight from Alica Airlines, which took off from Frankfurt am Main, crashed on a house with low visibility Fernand. Of the 62 people, 48 were killed and two were opposite.

Gatwick Air Museum, located northwest of Charlwood Village near the airport, including Gatwick’s original items and photographs, as well as various military aircraft. It is open on Saturdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

London’s second largest airport also opened routes to reach many cities. The airport is located in the south of London, non-EU passport clearance about 30 minutes.

Arrival method

By Train:

Gatwick Express, every 15 minutes, travels 30-35 minutes to London Victoria. Can not use Travelcard, one way £ 17.7. The ordinary train can go to London, London, London Bridge, City Thameslink, Farringdon, and St. Louis. Pancras International and other railway stations, ordinary ticket 10 pounds, 30-50 minutes.

By Bus:

Bus: 24 hours bus run. By National Express to Victoria Coach Station the fare is £ 8, with about 60-90 minutes. Take the EasyBus to Earls Court Tube Station, starting at £ 2, about 70 minutes.

By Minicab: 

There are many  Gatwick Taxi provider which are always active on LGW airport.

Chausie, The Most Intelligent Cat

Why Peoples Like to Have Chausie As Pet?


Chausie is a newly arrived cat, according to the cat owner Aluo said Chausie’s ancestors are wild African forest cat (Jungle Cat), followed by the American breeders will be farmed male wild African forest Cat and female purebred cat mating. Chausie is currently one of the world’s greatest purebred cats, they have the king of beasts of the temperament, reminiscent of the lion, so there is a glorious Chinese name – African lion cat.

Chausie Cats Cherecteristics

Face sharp, high cheekbones, big eyes, quasi-head with meat, lips thick, high skeleton, with slender body, but also with a little muscle, not the slightest “worship meat”, a standard beauty of the embryo. Can not think of the above adjectives can also appreciate the beauty of the cat, today introduced the African lion cat is the cat in the great beauty, show outside the Hui, the cat fans see, all the rush.

Chausie Color

Coat color, the most common only sand gold, and night sky gold or silver is a rare coat color. Sex, the female African lion cat than the male expansive, a rare night sky gold or silver cat female BB, worth about ten thousand yuan, worth extraordinary.

Why We Should Eat Nuts?

The Benefits Of Nuts

To eat a small handful of nuts (number of tablets per day), you can make a balanced diet is more healthful.

Processing and unsalted nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, Brazil walnuts, pine nuts, walnuts, and pistachios, may Mixed together to eat. You can also crush nuts sprinkled on food.

Mody seed it?

Dietitians often recommend eating flaxseed (castor bean) seeds, etc., because they contain large amounts of essential Fat acid component. You need to know is that the current seed and macular degeneration, and no studies of the relationship.

Some say margarine (margarine) harmful to the eyes. is this real?

In general, a healthy diet should limit fat intake and various oils. In Australia, margarine, and oil

Grease exactly how they relate to macular degeneration, the medical community is still not a unanimous conclusion. This aspect requires further research.

Nutritional content of food

The following lists shows the nutritional content of the food portion.

  • Daily nutrition
  • intake
  • Examples of food content ¡ Examples of food content ¡
  • Lutein and jade
  • Beige Quality
  1. 6 mg ½ cup (65 g) 11.9 mg cabbage
  2. ½ cup (120 grams) Pumpkin 1.2 mg
  3. ½ cup (90 g) 10.2 mg spinach
  4. ½ cup (125 grams) brussels sprouts 1.2 mg
  5. 1 cup (30 g) raw spinach 3.7 milligrams
  6. ½ cup (80 g) 0.8 mg broccoli
  7. ½ cup (80 g) 1.9 mg
  8. ½ cup green beans (80 grams) of corn 0.6 mg
  9. 1 cup (55 g) raw lettuce 2 eggs 1.3 mg to 0.5 mg
  10. Omega-3 Salmon 0.9-1.6 g 100 g 100 g 1.8 g 0.2 g of tuna
  11. 100 grams sardine’s 0.9 g 0.2 g 100 g shrimp
  12. Vitamin C 45 mg of an orange No. 69 mg 47 mg pepper ¼ cup West
  13. Vitamin E 7-10 mg of 20 (30 g) of almonds 7.8 mg 2.2 mg 1 spoonful of malt
  14. 7 8-14 mg zinc (100 g) ½ cup bran oyster 59 mg 3.5 mg
  15. 60-70 micrograms of selenium # 2 (8 g) Brazil nuts 80 g 24 (30 g) 5.6 g cashew nuts

Eye Health Supplements

Nutritional supplements are a sheet of vitamins, minerals and other substances. In general, the use of nutritional supplements

Maintain healthy macula is divided into two areas:

Dietary supplement: If you cannot get enough nutrition through diet, especially needed to stay healthy eyes

Nutrition, you might consider taking nutritional supplements. Whether you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration resistance, can be taken.

AREDS2 formula supplements: diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration who can consider supplementing AREDS2 (senile eye disorders Study # 2) Recipe nutrition.

You should consult a health care professional to find out which nutritional supplements that best meets your individual needs, which is very important.

Supplementry diet:

Lutein: If you cannot diet (including dark green leafy vegetables) adequate intake of lutein, You can consider lutein supplements.

Omega-3: If you are unable to eat 2-3 times a week fish, fish oil supplements may be considered (Omega-3).

However, there is no conclusive evidence that taking fish oil and what kind of the actual way more fish beneficial.

AREDS2 formula supplements:

Diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) people should be based on AREDS formula, consider taking appropriate Supplements. Elderly eye study (AREDS) is continuing research and there is conclusive evidence only provide Studies prove that intake of large doses of nutritional supplements for people diagnosed with AMD has a positive effect.


Original study found that based on specialized nutritional supplements of zinc and antioxidant formulations can delay AMD evil Of: For one or both eyes has entered AMD mid or late monocular has been the case in the patient, AREDS with

The party can be reduced 20-25% risk of deterioration, and can delay vision loss.

AREDS study showed that the formula for non-AMD patients with very early AMD patients (such as only a small amount Small drusen) into the patient’s eye or both eyes have no effect later.

May 2013, AREDS researchers published a number AREDS2, they follow up the results of the study. the study Staff recommendation, AREDS original formula continue to be available, but the removal of β- carotene with lutein / maize Huang quality instead.

Nutritional supplements cannot cure macular degeneration. AREDS studies have shown that ingestion AREDS formula supplement agents may reduce the risk of eye disease worsening; formula supplements cannot be terminated or repair damaged eye has been Disease damage to eyes.

AREDS2 formula supplements are there?

You can select a range of products. You must see the product label to ensure the right ingredients and contains content.

Meets AREDS2 dose indicator?

Given the current regulations, the label usually has “take 1 tbsp daily or as directed” caption.

However, the dose indicator AREDS2 are usually more than one component of the spoon, so you need to consult a doctor.

What Is Wet Macular Degeneration

Wet Macular Degeneration

When macular degeneration affect pigment epithelial and neuroepithelial cause detachment, can vision loss or visual distortion, can be attributed to the Chinese as looking faint vague”:

when a small amount of bleeding into the vitreous opacities caused, in turn is a “clear shift clouds”: but if a lot of blood into the vitreous and cause sudden drop in vision who are classified as “blind violence” at home.

Macular degeneration mainly due to infirmity or dirty Qi declines congenital deficiency, liver depression, and spleen deficiency.

Spleen transport, the transport of spleen qi deficiency cannot be, insufficient blood and body fluids metaplasia; kidney deficiency is agitation, weakness, and the main water reservoirs fine features dereliction of duty, resulting in water solution or phlegm retention.

The pathological product of early macular degeneration demonstrated drusen the more for us. Phlegm-fire burns Yu Long-blood contact, because the liver stores blood, stagnation of liver blood deficiency, not wing head, liver Yu Jiu sheng does not transfer heat, chemical burns network, in addition to the spleen is not the Blood, can also cause blood not Xinchang Road the overflow in the envelope, the outer envelope made of blood stasis, phlegm aggravate the condition, caused by macular degeneration late phlegm, liver, blood stasis complicated clinical manifestations, making the eyes appear recurrent bleeding, bleeding and pathological neovascularization and scar formation.

What is the cause of age-related macular degeneration?

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has two type ‘type dry’ and ‘wet-type’ categories. Dry type is most common. Due to the light-sensitive cells of the retina slowly break down, resulting in the affected eye becomes blurred central vision. Cause of the disease is unclear, but the symptoms can worsen with age.

‘Type wet’ age-related macular degeneration is due to abnormal growth of blood vessels, causing blood and protein leakage, damage sensitive photo receptor cells and lead to blindness.

The most common symptoms of dry age-related macular degeneration are slightly blurred vision, facial recognition, you may have difficulty reading or doing other things that need more light. Dry macular degeneration usually affects both eyes, but there is also a decreased vision while the other eye seems to be not involved.

Drusen macular degeneration is one of the most common early signs of dry. Drusen are yellow deposits under the retina, usually seen in people over the age of 60. Drusen can be found through a comprehensive dilated fundus examination.

Dry age-related macular degeneration can be divided into three phases, it can occur in one or both eyes

  1. Early age-related macular degeneration: an early age-related macular degeneration patients seen several small drusen or a few medium-sized. This asymptomatic and vision loss.
  2. The mid-term age-related macular degeneration: the medium-term age-related macular degeneration patients seen many medium-sized or one or more large drusen some fuzzy dark spots may appear in the center of the field, leading to read or do transactions require more light.
  3. Late dry age-related macular degeneration: advanced macular degeneration in elderly patients with dry drusen in addition to the destruction, as well as the central area of the retina photo receptor cells and supporting tissue, which leads to destruction of the fuzzy dark spots become larger and darker, so you more central vision loss, you may have to read and identify the difficulties face.

What does dementia mean?

Reminiscent of scary “crazy” behavior

For some people, the word Reminiscent of scary “crazy” behavior, and out of control of thinking. In fact, the word dementia is described in a group of symptoms include short-term memory loss, confusion, and problem-solving Inability to complete multi-step activities, such as preparing a meal or balance the check book, and sometimes, the character changes or unusual behavior.

When people have dementia cannot explain why he has these symptoms. For example, some people have a fever and high temperature and cannot explain the reason or why this person is sick.

Does memory loss indicate dementia?

We often hear that old people’s face memory problems, but we know that severe memory loss is not normal aging steps and cannot be ignored. Family members often think that people’s amnesia is the cause of dementia. In many cases, it is willing to be dementia. But has it’s his reasons can cause memory and cognitive ability to decline, by gradually cannot adapt to society slowly. These factors can affect young and old aged people. Diagnosis is a must.

Various factors can cause reversible dementia. These include drugs Interaction, depression, vitamin deficiency and thyroid dysplasia often. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, leading to symptom improvement

What is dementia?

The most common irreversible or degenerative dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Although many other types of degenerative nature Dyspepsia is similar to Zhai dementia, there are unique or not the same features that require special attention and different treatments.

Reversible And irreversible dementia are described in detail below Looking for diagnostic attention the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s requires a complete medical and nerve Psychological evaluation. The first step is to find out if there is cognitive ability Gradual decline and more dangerous.

The next step is to see why Appropriate to know the material so that patients and health care workers in the plan. The medical assessment of patients with dementia includes the following? History review or symptom onset.

The following questions occurred

What symptoms have occurred?

What are the symptoms first?

Disease How long has the presence?

The daily activities of patients with Impact?

Because the patient may not be able to review the disease accurately, the sequence may be underestimated by the symptoms, taking care of the need accompany the patient and provide information to the doctor or nurse.

The risk of dementia increases or is identified to cause cognitive energyThe power drops in the drug. It is important to accompany the patient can accurately provide this information.

Neurological examination. Neurological examination was performed to identify other classes, type of Alzheimer’s symptoms or other conditions can be increased plus cognitive decline in risk, such as stroke or fear

Golden syndrome.

Laboratory inspection.

To exclude the lack of vitamins or various generations Xie disease. Although not common, vitamin deficiency, Infection or hormone imbalance can cause cognitive symptoms.

These include thyroid imbalance, vitamin B12, and plum poison. Also, some laboratory tests can indicate dementia

Risk factors such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure

Brain imaging. Computer (CT) scan or magnetic resonance

MRI (MRI) can check the anatomy of the brain to look for

What causes cognitive changes, such as stroke or brain?

Tumor. This imaging can also measure brain size and blood

The tube changes can be monitored over time.

This pen and paper test evaluation thinking process includes memory,

Language, problem solving and judgment. Results comparison

Patient education and race to the same age population to decide

Those who have problems and how dangerous.

In recent years, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease more precisely,

Experts can analyze large amounts of data to determine if there are a problem and multiple, and even find out the reasons for Alzheimer’s disease.

The decision to diagnose takes the time to monitor or multiple causes simultaneously exist. Determination of whether the reversible or irreversible

sexual guidance of treatment and care.