An Introduction About Pet Lovers

“The desire to keep a pet despite allergy or to buy new, is increasing,” says Yves Cohen, allergist in Basel.

Also Mark An liker, dermatologist and allergist in the dermatologist’s practice in the valley in Winterthur, is striking: “In the last Half year, we received twice as many requests from cat owners who wanted to undergo therapy.”

“Her heart is attached to the animal. If they had to separate from the cat, it would be very bad for them.

“Allergist An liker also has the feeling that the animals have received by the many Cat videos on YouTube even greater social value.

Animal is more important than health

Yves Cohen notes that people today are no longer willing to restrict themselves to allergies. Often allergic parents wanted to fulfill their cat’s wishes.

“It used to be an allergy, for some, the animal is even more important than the health of the partner, says the expert. In a husband, the therapy did not strike.

“Now he lives for his wife’s sake with severe discomfort and many medications.” Guttmann had to even talk to a mother’s desire for a cat: “The son ran bloodless within ten minutes and had shortness of breath.”

Vaccine for Non Allergic Cats

“The success rate is around 70 percent,” says Cohen. Medication just suppressed the symptoms. After some time they would come back and strengthen. If one does not treat a serious cat allergy, it usually increases steadily and can lead to severe asthma. Guttmann, on the other hand, is aware of cases in which people could have freed themselves from the allergy by means of acupuncture.

“The research is also aimed at a vaccine that causes the cat to an liker has another tip: washing the cat promises temporary relief.

“Pure stress for the cat”

For treatments, patients reach deep into their pockets. A complete desensitization costs around 4,000 francs. A drug treatment can cost several thousand francs a year.

“Sormit everyone can tolerate milk, not everyone can keep a cat.” There is a great risk that the allergy is not under control, be it only Swiss Animal Welfare STS praises the great love of cats.

Spokeswoman Helen Sand Meier warns against consumerism. “Sensible to find another place for the animal as quickly as possible. “It’s pure stress for the cat to suddenly have to change homes after years.”

In addition, she recommends an allergy test in case of a cat’s request.

Animal shelter operators also report that owners often want to leave cats “due to a cat allergy”. Manuela Guttmann notes: “Often this is also used as an excuse to give away an animal.”