Model Of Nice Cars

The Idealogical Model Of Nice Cars

Many consumers in the purchase of the vehicle, has been entangled since the player row of cars or car exhaust problem, this problem, in others it seems somewhat trivial. In fact, since the row hand row of cars and car has its merits.

Since the row truck in today’s society, the relatively pragmatic, simple operation, not under too much effort to play the downside, you can have more time to experience the performance of other aspects of a car’s how. The manual transmission car operation is relatively harder, it takes some time to become familiar with playing gear, each gear of the gear stroke play, playing stall speed, etc., or for the novice, playing file will be a daunting thing . Halfway flame out such things ultimately.

Then hand row of cars models if it has the merits of it?

1, There is no doubt that the first point, hand row of cars at least a little cheaper than from car exhaust.

2, Manual transmission vehicles, transmission technology is mature, high reliability, repair and maintenance costs than AT automatic transmission is lower.

3, The full manual is pure mechanical structure, the failure rate is much lower.

4, The same models ratio automatic car manual car quality to heavier, more stable vehicle.

5, Manual car according to needs in advance up shift, can also glide, especially for driving in urban areas, more fuel-efficient.

6, Why do many people prefer the manual transmission car? (Figure / car product evaluation)

7, Why do many people prefer the manual transmission car? (Figure / car product evaluation)

8, Start, accelerate faster, not only can more freely shuttle, many times more conducive to hedge.

9, When needed, can quickly down shift, in addition to speed overtaking, can also be used to control engine speed, but can be controlled with the track in the corners.

10, If the next heavy rain, when the vehicle needs wading, manual transmission car vehicle operating properly then less likely to stall.

11, Manual transmission, high power transmission efficiency, under the same conditions the power is greater.

12, Can play on the hill parking gear just in case.

13, Manual transmission car has many benefits (Figure / car product reviews)

14, Manual transmission car has many benefits (Figure / car product reviews)

15, When necessary, can push to stop playing at a very crowded place to park around the stalls.

16, Although not necessary, but a straight line racing is definitely better hand row of cars results.

17, although we do not want to meet, but actually hand row car broke down more readily available assistance.

18, Can exercise the coordination of limbs, brain remain flexible operation, more difficult to fall asleep.

19, The pursuit of driving pleasure of the players and the fear of driving too boring sleepy drivers cause most suitable.